Business etiquette

Business etiquette

People like to work with other people they like, believe and trust - Jacqueline Whitmore

Did you forget the name of the person you just met? Did you try to be funny and you accidentally insulted someone? Did you write an e-mail or a Facebook post and later regretted it? Do you feel uncomfortable in upscale restaurants? Were you invited to dinner with your Japanese client in a Japanese restaurant and you placed your chopsticks directly into the rice bowl? Did you drop your fork on the floor during dinner? What to do? Etiquette blunders and tiny protocol mistakes in business and social environment can compromise your reputation and destroy your business relationships.


Technical expertise, education and experience are no longer sufficient, if you want to be successful. Having a good product at the right price and being in the right place at the right time will not guarantee success.  To be successful in the global economy often depends on whether you can use chopsticks like you were born in Japan, if you can show the proper level of respect to your Asian clients, if you can tie the right tie and if you can build relationships like an experienced politician. Even more important: you will be successful when you will be able to show your business partners that you respect and value them.  If you can build relationships with various people, from presidents of states to janitors and maids, on all continents, than success will follow.

Business etiquette is, together with good communication, negotiation and motivation skills, one of the essential "soft skills" that defines winners from losers. If you do not know how your actions and reactions influence other people, you can seriously endanger your business relationships. Are you confident that other people like, believe and trust you?

Nobody was born with good manners.  Etiquette is something that can be taught very quickly and easily, much faster, in fact, than learning how to play tennis or piano. As you repeat certain patterns of behavior a number of times, it becomes a part of you and you do not think about it. Therefore you can focus on the job at hand, instead of focusing on which fork to use and which socks to wear. 


If you would like to communicate effortlessly, efficiently and smoothly and have competitive advantage; if you would like to polish your personal brand and gain confidence when attending social and business events; if you want to build solid and profitable relationships with your clients, suppliers and coworkers, call us. We will tailor a seminar or workshop based on your individual needs.

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